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My experience comes from raising my daughter, Nebraska Larae (Braska), born November 2006 with Down syndrome.
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Braska: Swaaaiiiiiiiiiing!

I just love to swing.  And when I want to go outside and play on my swing, I tell Mommy really loud! "A-side! Swaaaaiiiiing!" That's what I did today.

First we went to church, of course...that's what Sundays are for, you know. I wore a new outfit from Miss Linda from Daddy's work.  She's so nice!

(Pssssst...don't tell Mommy I told you, but I wore this outfit last week too when we were at PaPaw's church for Daddy's Day.  Mommy doesn't like for me to wear things two Sundays in a row, but since we were at different churches, it was ok.  Just don't tell that I spilled the beans!  Here's a couple pictures from last Sunday at Grandma C's house.)
bfashion1 bfashion2

Daddy took my Sunday pictures today since Mommy was getting dressed and was in a hurry.

Me and KiKi both smiled for Daddy.  Mommy was surprised!

I got a picture of me with Miss Carrie and Miss McKenna today.  They're my friends at Sunday School and they take very good care of me.

After church, we went to the store and came home.  I got in some play clothes and we all went outside since it was a nice day.  It's been so HOT at our house for the last few days!  Today was much better, so we could go out for a little while.

Mommy said I look all grown up.  I do! I'm a big girl! I'm 2!
standing1 standing2 standing3 standing4

Since it was so nice, when I asked Mommy to "swaaaaiiing!" she said we could!
swing1  swing3

Tonight KiKi tried out one of my old toys.  I told her how to do it.  She liked it alot.  Maybe she'll put up some pictures on her page.

It was a pretty good day!  I like when it's not so hot outside!  And I LOVE to swaaaiiiinng!

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