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My experience comes from raising my daughter, Nebraska Larae (Braska), born November 2006 with Down syndrome.
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Why EVERY life matters

Karen K sent me a link to a blog today. I get links to blogs from friends alot. Blogs that are funny. Cute kid blogs. DS blogs. Blogs with good music. Lots of blogs. Many of them, though, are stories of amazing families who are making the most of a difficult situation.

This blog Karen sent today is much the same as some others. The tragic story, some might say, and the strong people who are living through it. Tomorrow, this very young couple is going to meet the son they've been waiting for and loving intensely for a long time. But it will be bittersweet as they know his time with them will be most painfully short.

But here's what struck me... This story reminded me of why every single life matters. Even though this little boy will have such a short time on earth when he is visible and touchable and breathing air, he has made a difference that will NEVER be undone or forgotten in hundreds of lives. His parents' decision to grant their son life for as far as they can control it has impacted SO many people, even the doctors, nurses, and staff that have walked with them through this journey. We will likely never know how far the ripples of their decision and committment to their son will go, but people who are changed tend to promote change in those around them, and it continues, and the world is changed in the process.

This is one reason why I am heartbroken when I hear of someone receiving a prenatal diagnosis of any number of types and choosing to abort "for the sake of the baby." That life has a purpose. It belongs to a child whose existence is no accident. There is a specific reason why that baby is given, though we may struggle hard with the details of the "why" sometimes. This family was talked to about "terminating," but they knew they could not. The end result may be the same, but this child will rest in loving arms as his parents are able to cuddle him for the short time he has. His parents know this will be horribly painful, but they are doing what parents should do at every opportunity, putting the best interest of their child ahead of their own comfort or convenience.

I want to say so much more, but it's getting jumbled and poor, so I will simply say this...we may never know how our faithfulness in difficult situations affects others, but it is clear that it does. This family does not know me at all, but simply spending a couple of hours learning about their family and the struggle for their son's life has made an impression on me that will remain. Now I'm telling you, and hopefully you will find the same. Baby Isaac has made a difference, and he is just tomorrow getting to be held by his parents for the first time. His life matters.

The blog is He Will Carry Me and it is worth the time to read their story and their phenomenal example of truly trusting God with their most precious one. Many of you will identify with different parts of their story. A most touching aspect is the Dear Isaac compilation of letters to the boy from his mother. Even in a sad time, there is encouragment and hope. Real hope. I don't find this depressing at all. It is sad, absolutely. But it's that HOPE and trust that makes the difference.

Please join me in praying for this family as they take these next steps through tomorrow and whatever it may hold for them. I believe that we are shown things when we need to see them... there is a reason Karen sent this to me, and there is a reason I felt so compelled to share it with you. Don't miss out on the blessing this could be for you, now or down the road.

And hug your little ones an extra time today. Or two.

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