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The goal of this blog is to provide education and bring about higher awareness about Down syndrome. It is to share that life with Down syndrome (DS) is not scary, horrible, or to be feared.

My experience comes from raising my daughter, Nebraska Larae (Braska), born November 2006 with Down syndrome.
The posts on this blog are related in some way to life with DS or disability, and they are reposted here from my other family blogs. There are links to those blogs in the margin on the right side of this blog if you would like to visit them directly.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Morning with George [Down syndrome, tonsillectomy, adenoid, surgery]

I woke up and I’m still at the hospital.  I still have this big thing on my arm that makes my hand not work very good.  But I got a little sleep.  Even if I did wake Mommy up alot.  It’s not much fun to sleep in a hospital with a big thing on your arm and cords stuck to you. 

This morning I’m just going to relax a little and watch some George. He’s my favorite monkey. 

(See my pictures on my bed… this is so I can remember my sissy while I’m here.)
(And this one is so my doctors and nurses know what I look like when I’m not icky and grouchy.)

(Because this is what I look like lately.)

Mommy gave me some more milk this morning in my tube and I didn’t throw it up yet like I did yesterday, so she said that’s good.  If I can do good and keep my milk in me then I can go home later today maybe.  They keep telling me how extra special good I am.  Better than lots of other kids who have their mouth worked on like me.  But I’m cool like that.

Thanks for checking on me.  Mommy says when I decide I want to smile again she will take a picture.  It’s time for Sid. I have to go see what he’s going to learn about today.

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